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    Manufacturer of the highest quality Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

    The Dagmara company as a leading manufacturer of a wide range of unique Christmas Tree ornaments is open for any kind of interesting and challenging cooperation opportunities in the field of hand-made decorations’ performance, especially with the Ones that are keen on appreciating the precision work of an craftsmanship.

    Based on current decoration and consumer trends each year we develop a new collection of designs and enrich our offer with the launch of a number of intriguing novelties. Rich and unique designs are ideal for creating individual Chritsmas collections frequently chosen by our business partners from Poland and abroad.

    In our comprehensive offer can be found glass Christmas decorations of any type from A to Z, including the classic and fancy “manually” blown shapes as well as traditional and themed moulds.

    The final product we offer, which is elegantly and safely packed Christmas decoration, is preceded by a thorough quality control. As a result, our baubles feature exclusive character that combined with the sophisticated design guarantee sale succes.

    High productive skills and rich experience gained over 30 years of business running allows us to offer a full range of glass Christmas tree decorations and a valuable partnership in the new collections’ development.

    Fully focused on the Customer

    Every year we satisfy our Clients by presenting new ornaments’ collections in Frankfurt at the Christmasworld. During world’s leading trade fair for seasonal and festive decorations we establish several business relationships, but above all we maintain and develop cooperation with our regular Clients from all over the World.
    Bearing in mind that the process of manual production of our handicrafts is time-consuming, we strive to settle cooperations and collect orders in the first months of the year, especially in the case of the oversea export orders. This enables us to organize the work in our company efficiently, where the peak production period falls onto the summer months.
    We are fully open for a maximum fulfilling Client’s expectations, that concerns particular designs’ performance as well as customized packing style. When developing new designs we study carefully the indicated instructions and if the needs appear our creative development team of decorators and decorators take on the task of creating individual decorative lines. The immediate contact is inevitable.
    With this approach we build long-lasting relationships that we endeavor to develop year by year. With some Clients we run cooperation for over 20 years!

    Operating globally

    Our main customers from home and abroad are branded chain stores, prestigious department stores, interior furnishings stores, and even museums or individual shops and entrepreneurs running seasonal sale.

    Over the years an important role on the Polish market played supermarkets and DIY stores, and in recent years more and more we cooperate with wholesalers and floral and decorative shopping centers.

    Despite a broad portfolio of clients we pay attention to supply exclusive lines of baubles. It is possible as we have a vast number of the designs – in our design data-base we have over 12,000 records of different models and each one can be modified to adjust to the particular collection.

    Currently we are exporting our baubles onto 5 continents, mostly to the strong western European markets with leading countries such as Germany, United Kingdom Italy and also to the United States. Recently, we has increased sales to Denmark, Australia and Canada.

    Our baubles also reach countries , which the tradition of Christmas is rather exotic and examples of these markets are Chile, Colombia, Singapore, Japan and even the United Arab Emirates.

    Experienced and appreciated

    We are experienced in running cooperation with demanding clients, for whom we create new ornament prototypes upon provided themes and guidelines. Thanks to the high skills of our decorators we take an active part in designing exclusive Christmas lines, which more or less have visible touch of the Dagmara.

    Our particularly designed proposals are frequently awarded during the prestigious Trend Show special presentation that exhibited at during the Christmasworld and that allow us to state that Dagmara company takes an active part in creating World decoration trends. Very often these models attracts prestigious customers who afterward include them in their collections. As a result our ornaments hit to the sophisticated shops of the most expensive streets in the world as such. 5th Avenue in New York.

    We constantly strive to improve ourselves and what we value the most is maintaining top quality production capabilities. Despite the awards and honors the greatest satisfaction for us are returning customers, with whom we continue the cooperation. The constant cooperation development experience is our greatest success.

    Sales under the Dagmara brad name

    With a view of the Dagmara brand name promotion couple years ago we started running trade posts located in the hearts of the major shopping centers in Poland.

    The promotion of the company operating seasonally is not easy, but we are pleased to observe clients’ great affection to our ornaments and their eagerness to collect our unique baubles. This activity increase the company recognition and also becomes great market research, upon which we develop products.

    The original, high-quality glass baubles and other ornaments offered at our stands are always meet with great appreciation of customers that visit the particular Shopping Center .

    We encourage potential business partners to get in touch.

    Innovation and openness – Special cooperation

    Cooperation today and tomorrow - the aim of the company is to conduct mutually fruitful and long-lasting business relationships that make us to develop ornaments manufacturing capabilities in the field of designs’ creation as well as launching innovative decoration techniques.

    We are not afraid of challenges and we move forward by creating more and more unique collections of Christmas ornaments, sometimes beyond borders of conventional decoration style i.ex. . the spectacular collection of ornaments decorated with 24-carat gold paint.

    Besides, we carry out special orders i.ex. for personalized ornaments with a customer logo or a specific motive i.ex. bauble with a greetings. What is more, sometimes we develop thw gole  individual lines of ornaments with customized packaging.

    We constantly strive to optimizing company production processes. Over the last few years we have introduced a number of solutions enhancing the effectiveness of production that running remains in a traditional artisan manner.