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    The company Dagmara is an experienced and talented specialist in the production of glass, 100% hand-decorated Christmas decorations that distinguish highest craftsmanship of quality and unique, trendy designs.

    In the company that was founded by Mrs. Krystyna Jankowska in 1982 we are faithful to affection to the beauty and Christmas traditions while striving for perfection and keeping an open mind.

    With such approach family-owned company has become the leading manufacturer of the unique hand decorated Christmas baubles., which are appreciated not only on the Polish market, but also almost all over the world by reaching to customers on 5 continents.

    Since 2003 our decorations are yearly awarded in a Trend Show special presentation held at the biggest brand trade fair Christmasworld. Thereofre, we can proudly acknowldege that we take an active role in creating Christmas decorative trends.

    h1 10.05.1982

    the company employs first six employees

    and naext three are hired in September. Some of the first employees continue working in the company till present day.

    h2 27.09.1982

    first sale in the company’s history.

    At this time, the company specializes in the production of traditional round baubles in sizes of f80mm, f100mm and f120mm. Major customers are retail store owners and warehouses.

    h3 1986

    due to active development company relocates place of business onto the Jagiello street in Jaslo.

    Increased emphasis is placed onto the production of hand-painted baubles with the natvity motives, which reach craft shops. In the 1986/1987 season takes place the first large export sale to Canada. Moreover first glass moulds are created.

    h5 1992

    Another change of address

    The Dagmara company moves factory to the Wyspiańskiego street, where today also is located c0mpany’s office and showroom with latest collections.

    h6 1995

    National Artistic and Ethnographic Commission
    Cepelia in Krakow

    express a strong interest in the decorations of Dagmara, which results in winning the Christmas competition and presenting the exhibition at the Museum of History in Krakow. Following that event established are numerous contacts with museums across the country, which continues to this day. Dagmara comes into a very creative creative period, which introduces the company onto the tracks of rapid designs development – many Christmas-themed designs are launched and  new decorative techniques are performed. The company strongly manifests its unique and endless creative force.

    h7 2000

    The year 2000 brings first collapse in the market of Christmas ornaments

    that especially affects wholesalers. The company seeks alternative audience and establishes contacts with the chain stores. The company mission is cristallized – production of hand-decorated christmas tree ornaments that feature the highest artistic quality available to the widest possible audience – attractive pricing policy shall allow company to achieve this aim.

    h8 2001

    Dagmara at the Christmasworld

    Dagmara for the first time exhibits christmas tree baubles on the largest trade fair Christmasworld that are held in Frankfurt. Christmas ornaments from Dagmara are met with a sympathy and company more and more attention is paid to cooperation with customers from abroad. < p>

    h9 2003

    The company employs 100 employees and annualy sells
    500,000 units of decorated glass baubles

    Half of the production is exported. In the middle of the first decade of the twenty-first century, the company annually publishes extensive catalogs with numerous designs and successfully develops cooperation with clients including USA, Australia and other countries – the vast majority of customers continues cooperation year by year to and some of them run business with us for over 10 years. In this period, the company establishes the cooperation with a number of prestigious clients including exclusive boutiques from 5th Avenue in New York, elegant department stores in London and world-famous museum from Amsterdam.

    h10 2008

    The company runs the website www.dagmara.pl

    which becomes a permanent platform for cooperation with customers from all over the world.

    h11 2010-2011

    has felt the impact of the global crisis wave

    which is particularly noticeable in collaboration with the Polish chain stores’ Clients. In order to maintain a constant level of company development a further emphasis is placed onto cooperation with export customers and alternative baubles sale is run throught brand retail sale stands located the largest Shopping centers in Poland. This form of promotion allows also to conduct a very good market research.

    h12 2011


    The company starts the company’s Facebook profile

    h13 19.01.2012

    13 thousands of different designs

    records in the design database exceed the number of 10,000. Currently, under the banner of Dagmara are launched over 13 thousands of different patterns of glass christmas tree ornaments and other decorations.

    h14 2012-2014


    at that time meticulously refined collections of Dagmara christmas baubles are appreciated by merchants of well-known brands of home furnishings stores from USA, Canada, Germany, England and Denmark.

    h15 Christmasworld 2014

    Trend Show

    during the tenth participation in Frankfurt fair company is highly honored by presenting a wide range of ornaments in the Trend Show special presentation. For this contribution to the preparation of the show
    and endless creativity of designers from Dagmara a special thanks are given by Mrs. Eva Olbrich – the Christmasorld Director.

    h10 2014

    South America

    Dagmara christmas tree buables reach 5th continet – South America – cooperation with exclusive chain stores from Chile and Colombia is established.

    h8 2015 year

    Appreciation and further development

    Dagmara another time successfully takes part in the Trend Show performance at Christmasworld 2015, when many prominent and prestigious business relationships are established.

    The Company optimize production management and quality system of control that masterizes the maintanance of supplying unquestionable highest quality xmas tree ornaments to numerous countries all over the World.

    The proper management and constant evolving is supported by entering the SEDEX and launching new company’s web page with a cooperation platform oriented to developing xmas collections wiht regular Clients.


    h15 2016

    Spiky baubles, medalions and other shapes . . .


    Dagmara for 15th time presents spctacular xmas tree ornaments’ collections at the biggest branded fair the Christmasworld. Intriguing novelties among unconventional free mouth-blown and moulded shapes are met with great enthusiams and interest that motivates the Company to work out innovatory line of products, which enriched the Dagmara offer for 2016 xmas season.